Couture Chapeau has moved to a new location

Couture Chapeau has moved to a new location
The old box has a LM to the new location where you will find an extra gift in the GLBox 75B!!

My partner Balthazar Fouroux has built a beautiful shopping area with all the features I’ve always wished for in a mall. My vision is to create a shopping experience of:
1. Small but unique collection of high quality, original, creative and artistic vendors who have complimentary but not competing products.
2. Very pretty scenery and well designed shopping area which is easy to navigate and not overwhelming. A real treat to the eyes and an enhanced shopping experience for customers.
3. An opportunity for new and exciting original creators to have a lovely main store with 100 prims each. This store is not intended to be just a satellite of a flagship store and of course, no resellers.
4. Mall owner with a flagship store which draws real traffic and not bots.
5. Mall owner who promotes almost everyday in SL Community events, Forums, blogs, feeds and participates in inworld events.
6. LAG FREE… well as much as flexy skirts and hair will allow LOL. No crazy scripting in vendors allowed.
If you are interested in being part of this shopping experience, send Chigadee London a notecard (TITLED COUTURE COVE APPLICATION – your name) and include a LM of your store if you have one. Please include include 3 photos of your creations.
N.B: At the time of this writing, only five stores are available, so send your information asap.
Rent is 400L a week with a minimum of three weeks payment. Please do not hesitate to contact Chigadee if you have questions.

Links to the places after Kaizen plaza

Those that are just landing in world I had a major set back. SL decided to return all my vendors objects when I reset the auto return on the land. So as they re-rez their stores here is a list of lm to the stores following the 3 that are here. I am really sorry for the inconvience.
AnneAlyce Maertens

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Please have pity on me. Here’s the links after the stores at my shopping plaza. Pass this around. I’ll let you know when all is good to go.

From #26 Pema in Pieces to #27

From #67 Jugg & Jinja’s to #68

From #71 Jugg & Jinja’s to #72

* sorry for this inconvenience

Australian Fundraising Ball


Please join on Feb. 14th, Valentine’s day, to show our Aussie friends our love. The formal will run from 12 noon till 9pm SLT. Please drop by to make a donation and stay awhile to enjoy great LIVE DJs, great dancing, and maybe a cuddle or two. Bring your special valentine with you. Valentine’s Day is a day we show those we love how much we care with gifts, cards, time, and flowers. This Valentine… let us all send a special gift of love, prayers, and hope to our Aussie Friends.

The Formal is at Hope Gardens in Southern Colorado. A beautiful garden with waterfall, small river, and special little surprises all over.

All the donations made or tips given will be donated to the Australian Red Cross. Info on making personal donations out of world will be also available and announced during the event.

DJs Lined up for the event:

12 noon to 2 pm DJ Lea Giadelli

2pm to 5pm DJ Gaillisa Blachere

5pm to 7pm DJ Tydeyz Snook

7pm to 9pm DJ Leala Spire

Secrets of Gaia Key To My Heart Necklace Silver

I am very proud to present this beautiful necklace to the public. As a vendor in the Greatest Love Grid Wide Hunt I decided I was curios both of where and how other vendors chose to hide thier boxes (now that I have a shop actually big enough to hide it at all if I chose to) and also what other vendors were giving out. I have met some amazing people while hunting down these heart boxes and finally after finishing went back to my workshop to start opening them. The first one I opened was this amazing gown from Passionate Neko Designs. It’s absolutely beautiful and after unpacking it and putting it on I was inspired with an idea for a new necklace. So on the back burner went all the unpacking and sorting of gifts and onto my pose stand I went, several hours later after creating the necklace and hand aligning the dangling chain then adding the hearts, heart shaped padlocks and keys to both the central chain in the front and the clasp location of the back this is what I have this stunning necklace. I really must say I may have outdone myself this time I often think less of my items then others do but for once I am truly loving this piece so I do hope you all do as well. I know that Saur Holt the designer from Passionate Neko Designs loves it and I have certainly made a new friend after sending her a little thank you note for the beautiful gown and telling her she had inspired the necklace.

To all the other Vendors who’s gifts I will certainly get to thank you for the gifts, the friendships, and the creativity you bring to SL that makes this amazing world as wonderful and beautiful as it is … never forget this is a world created by the users and for the users, without those of us with the vision and creativity creating more each day it would grow stale and wither away!

To all the hunters I have met while hunting, in the hunt group chat, or who have said hi while I was in the shop, I do deeply hope you enjoy your gifts and thank you all for participating. I have met many of you, some helped me locate boxes I was stuck on, others I have helped along the way (‘go go gadget jeweler cam” yes those jewelery skills come in handy in all kinds of ways lol) thank you for being you… every one of us makes SL what it is even if your not a creator, we would have no one to create for if people like you didn’t choose to buy from us. I for one am always appreciative when someone chooses my items to decorate thier second life environment!

Missing Links~~

The following are missing GL Boxes:
#61 Kloth Response
#62 MaxThreads
Go from #59 Deadkitties to #63 House of Heart take this slurl:

#66 Garden of Ku
Go from #65 A-Bomb to #67 Jugg & Jinja’s Boutique take this slurl:

#69 BeReal
Go from #68 TSD Outfitter to #70 House of Creations I BOX take this slurl:

LM 17)Fantastic Furniture- has no box out

Please use this one to go to

18) Bobo Rosselsprung- Bobo’s Masquerade