What am i selling? Everything that comes into my mind and i am able to to or to achieve to do. At the moment the range includes:

Silks, Dresses, Gowns, Outfits for Women, T-Shirts, Costumes, Jewellery, Gorean Accessories, Poses, 3D-Artwork, Shoes and Boots, Seasonal Stuff and much more. So to say “A little bit of everything” *smiles* The shop also includes a Silk Lucky chair, Pick rewards and Avatar of the Month Contest.

I wish you the best and much fun and success with the hunt,
warmest wishes,


Leo’s Tiny Spot

Leo’s Tiny Spot, Small Goods Store

Here’s the photo of  just one of the cutest stores in SL.Quality products for Tinies designed by a RL designer. Tiny Houses, Tiny Furniture, Tiny Accessories, Tiny Freebies, Free Tiny Avatars, Tiny observatory, Tiny Go-Round