…Putting the pride back into the housewife

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Offering a colourful collection of retro and vintage household goods, BLONDE is located in the well renown sim, Polly Jean.

BLONDE Kitchen brings together animated appliances and workspace in a variety of finishes and sizes. Ideal for creating your own style and gloating to the neighbours about.

BLONDE Lounge offers an array of Danish inspired easy chairs, with matching lamps and tables. Alongside, are salon chairs and rollers for pampering whilst hes doing the 9 to 5, or even a cheeky cocktail from the boat-shaped bar ready for his return….

The Greatest Love Hunt will be a prime opportunity to show off some of the ideas and plans I have for the future of the store, releasing a handful of fashion orientated pieces – sculpted clothing, accessories, jewellery, etc.

All ideal pieces for the 1950’s lifestyle.

Visit today. Make a house … a home.