Are We Excited or what!!!!

The hunt is about to start tommorow (event though I think some of you already started, lol) I want to take this time to greatly and from my heart Thank the people that made this hunt possible. First of all my collaborators:

Pema Bosatsu: oh she is my SL sis (Creator of the Greatest Love Poster and the GLBOX) love ya too pieces…

AnneAlyce Maertens: She is a great individual (also which I consider a sis) who has such a giving spirit, always thinking of others , love ya

Chigadee London: Oh Chi (as I call her, creator of those cute Fedoras hats) wonderful, creative, spontaneous and supports me and my crazy ideas, lol, love you too~~

Monroncie Pontecorvo: Mon I known her since the beginning of my time here and SL (we met shopping), she is a great person which I am honored to have as friend (love ya).

Adminstrative Staff:

Shayariel Teardrop, Danielocha Lefevre & Lily Gravois


Suri Christen & Shayariel Teardrop

I tip my hat to these wonderful ladies for the support, advice, hardwork and most of all for their friendship. I can say they have charisma, joy, and most of all LOVE. And last to all the designers ty so much for your generous gifts!!! May the Hunt Begin & Please lets have FUN~~~~~~~~~~~~

Katlene Niven


Buddhabeats message


I am creating almost everything with a focus on natural and urban landscaping and dj gear.
You will find some fantasy, asian and buddhist stuff at my store, too.
I am releasing a new freebie of the month and change a special offer for my group members on a monthly base.
Theres a lucky chair, 7 seas fishing, an active volcano, a secret crystal cave and many other stuff to discover at my shop and its always changing a bit.
Feel always welcome and make youself comfortable at BUDDHABEATS…

Namaste, Roopert

Cilian’gel’s Fashion Designs

Cilian’gel mainstore… Lovely designs for your fashion…
Cilian’gel designs are glamorous, sexy and stylish. You will always get different combinations possible in one outfit set.
Beside the clothes available in store, the ‘Valefar boutique’ offers lots of space to relax… it is not ‘another’ shopping Mall…
Cilian’gel is willing to give to its visitors more than a brand but a way of living.