Pro Poser Hunt~~


I love Poses, you can say I am a pose junkie, lol.  So that is why this hunt which I did just in one day was special to me.  I have poses for a long time, you see poses are a best friend to us creators, models in fact anybody who is part of SL. This hunt is short and sweet only 41 vendors, so go ahead and have fun hunting~~

Slick, chic DIVA loungers with memory sit!

Check out these delicious DIVA loungers featuring:
– gorgeous sculpty shape
– only four prims
– luxurious textures
– six high quality embedded animations
– animated to recline to two positions
– remembers the sitting positions of 100 avs!
– transferable so you can give as a gift!
– Available ONLY at The PropShop@Couture Chapeau