2010 Celebration items

Just in the nick of time, Couture Chapeau & The Prop Shop offers you a collection of the best celebration items to help you ring in the new year. All 2010 celebration hats are only 10 L!!
– 2010 fun glasses for only 10 L
– 2010 Low Prim word sign (only 1 prim) – Resizable with Menu
– Happy New Year Low prim word sign ( 4 prims with particles) in three sizes
– Four totally fun 2010 animated sculpty and original hats ( 10 L each).
– Giant champagne photo bottle to display all your souvenir photos
You can find them in the front and middle of the store!

The stunning POE gift from Couture Chapeau

Female Snowflake Mardi Gras costume

Male Snowflake Mardi Gras costume

Psst… no one knows Mardi Gras better than Chigadee London who is an avid masquerader in RL!! She has created not one but two costumes for men and women to parade in at Mardi Gras time!
And if you are around at Mardi Gras time 2010, Chigadee is organizing a SL Mardi Gras/Trini carnival style parade through the streets of Vade Mecum. Check out the SL Community event listing for February 15 and 16, 2010. Yes we will be partying for two days!
But RIGHT NOW, pop on down to Couture Chapeau to get your costumes in the Peace on Earth Globe which is not hard to find at all! It is out in the open and many have already received this amazing gift which has been described as the real diamond in the hunt! You must be in the room to see it! So walk around and don’t stand at the landing point hoping to find it. The store is not that big!


We’re not only hats

Many of you may not know but Maison de London houses not only Couture Chapeau but also The Prop Shop which can be found on the left side of the building.
The Prop Shop is delightful store filled with the creations of master sculpty artist Balthazar Fouroux. He is the creator and animator of some of the most fun and unique items in SL.
You can find incredibly detailed dolls animated with Puppeteer, larger than life props to decorate your home or sim and the most adorable products for Tinies in his Leo’s Tiny Spot wall.

Check out the amazing Champagne Bottle in which you can display photos of almost every kind of celebration including birthdays, rez days, anniversaries and holidays!


Getting the WORD out!

The power of words is immeasurable and no one know this more than residents of SL.
Chigadee London has created the most amazing prim WORD signs which feature:
– a nine colour menu
– adjustable animations
– transferable
– resize menu
They are total fun and can be used in your home or business. Everyone who has visited the CC Sign platform comes away buying at least a few! New WORDS added every week.
Touch the big TP sign on the plaza to access the platform.

Check out the photos of some of the WORDS. THERE ARE MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM!