Couture Chapeau has moved to a new location

Couture Chapeau has moved to a new location
The old box has a LM to the new location where you will find an extra gift in the GLBox 75B!!

My partner Balthazar Fouroux has built a beautiful shopping area with all the features I’ve always wished for in a mall. My vision is to create a shopping experience of:
1. Small but unique collection of high quality, original, creative and artistic vendors who have complimentary but not competing products.
2. Very pretty scenery and well designed shopping area which is easy to navigate and not overwhelming. A real treat to the eyes and an enhanced shopping experience for customers.
3. An opportunity for new and exciting original creators to have a lovely main store with 100 prims each. This store is not intended to be just a satellite of a flagship store and of course, no resellers.
4. Mall owner with a flagship store which draws real traffic and not bots.
5. Mall owner who promotes almost everyday in SL Community events, Forums, blogs, feeds and participates in inworld events.
6. LAG FREE… well as much as flexy skirts and hair will allow LOL. No crazy scripting in vendors allowed.
If you are interested in being part of this shopping experience, send Chigadee London a notecard (TITLED COUTURE COVE APPLICATION – your name) and include a LM of your store if you have one. Please include include 3 photos of your creations.
N.B: At the time of this writing, only five stores are available, so send your information asap.
Rent is 400L a week with a minimum of three weeks payment. Please do not hesitate to contact Chigadee if you have questions.


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