We’re not only hats

Many of you may not know but Maison de London houses not only Couture Chapeau but also The Prop Shop which can be found on the left side of the building.
The Prop Shop is delightful store filled with the creations of master sculpty artist Balthazar Fouroux. He is the creator and animator of some of the most fun and unique items in SL.
You can find incredibly detailed dolls animated with Puppeteer, larger than life props to decorate your home or sim and the most adorable products for Tinies in his Leo’s Tiny Spot wall.

Check out the amazing Champagne Bottle in which you can display photos of almost every kind of celebration including birthdays, rez days, anniversaries and holidays!


Getting the WORD out!

The power of words is immeasurable and no one know this more than residents of SL.
Chigadee London has created the most amazing prim WORD signs which feature:
– a nine colour menu
– adjustable animations
– transferable
– resize menu
They are total fun and can be used in your home or business. Everyone who has visited the CC Sign platform comes away buying at least a few! New WORDS added every week.
Touch the big TP sign on the plaza to access the platform.

Check out the photos of some of the WORDS. THERE ARE MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM!

Four Perfect Hat Hairs for Men – only 5 L

Life just got MUCH easier for men in SL! Well… for men who wear hats!
I painstakingly modified HAIR FOR MEN to fit perfectly under the men’s hats sold at Couture Chapeau.
I poked and pulled the strands, retextured and added a resizing script for easy fittings on bigger heads.
They are TRANSFER, so all you fine ladies can come get a box for your bfs! lol
Check out the photos below to see the perfect fit.They are available in black, blond, red and dark brown.
You can find them them in the middle of the store in the men’s hat section.

CC Black Hat Hair for men

CC Blond Hat Hair for men

Best Fedora EVER in SL

I’ve just released The BEST FEDORA EVER IN SL… MAH Ultimate Bogie Fedora.
It is an exact replica of the classic fedora worn by Humphrey Bogart. Every subtle nuance is there in the shape, form and texture. Each hat has a resizing menu for a No Fuss Fit.
Check them out in the middle of the store!
I couldn’t resist putting in the last photo of Bal and I having a hoot recreating that famous shot of Bogie and Bacall in Casablanca!
MAH Ultimate Bogie Fedoras

Shopaholics Unite!

CC Ultimate Shopaholic Flying Broom

You gotta pop down to Couture Chapeau to check out the fab Halloween items including THE most fun flying broom in SL.
The CC Ultimate Shopaholic Flying Broom includes these slogans on the boxes and bags perched on the bristles.
Shopaholics Unite!
Born to Shop
I’m not JUST shopping, I’m restoring the Economy
Shop until you drop
I love shopping

Sculpty broom also has animation and sound and flies beautifully. Unisex sit is perfect for men shopaholics too! Hey… we know you are out there!


Although prim hair is still not my ally, Couture Chapeau has managed to hang in for TWO years in SL, which is like 20 RL years!
To kick off the celebrations:
– Best of Second Life Performer, Edward Kyomoon will be performing on the Plaza at 1 PM SL for half an hour.. SO DON’T MISS IT.
– a Halloween Hunt which will run until midnight SLT Oct 31. Look for 10 witch hats filled with amazing stuff for everyone!
– MM boards and random give-aways from Chigadee London herself.
So keep popping back in to see what’s new!


Bogie’s Broads & Their Hats

Bogie's Broads & Their Hats

Following on the heels of the highly successful Oh So Sophia Retrospective, Couture Chapeau presents “Bogie’s Broads & Their Hats”.

This new collection features hats and headpieces worn by leading ladies paired on the silver screen with the inimitable Humphrey Bogart during the 30s, 40s and 50s.

All hats are made from high quality and exclusive sculpties by Balthazar Fouroux and styled with hallmark detail and flare of Chigadee London.

Miss London will also be releasing a small but fabulous clothing collection under her namesake to accompany some of the hats.

If you haven’t seen the Oh So Sophia Retrospective, do pop into the store to see this highly acclaimed collection.


Be the cowboy or cowgirl in style


Couture Chapeau has just released a line of stunning, realistic and highly detailed cowboy hats. This line of MAH Star Boy Cowboy hats are made with exclusive sculpts and scripted with a no fuss resizing menu. Demos available in the store as always.
To celebrate the opening of the new flag ship store on the beautiful Vade Mecum, the cowboy hats are all half price for the weekend. There are also MM prizes and gifts randomly given out by Chigadee London herself!
Pop into the store for a gander! Hee Haw!
MAH Lone Wolf Cowboy Hats
Lone Wolf
MAH Three Stars
Three Stars
MAH Wild Ponies Cowboy Hats
Wild Ponies
MAH San Antonia & Aussie Rose Cowboy Hats
Aussie Rose and Rose of San Antonio
MAH Starboy Cowboy hat - Colour changing Snowflake
Colour changing snowflake