Congratulations to all the winners!

We had a great response for the Casablanca Photo Contest sponsored by Couture Chapeau and Cafe Casablanca. All the contestants told us they had loads of fun taking the pictures and here are the top six winner photos and the prizes that they won!

First Prize – a private concert with a live performer from Cafe Casablanca

Second Prize – a full room from Less Is More Furnishings

Third Prize- a fabulous mixed pack from Timeless Designs by Jojo , Vamp Shoes & The Prop Shop

Fourth Prize – a suit from Wilson’s Designs for Men

Fifth Prize -an item of choice from Dulce Secrets

Sixth Prize – an item of choice from a piece of candy

Details which don’t count for much!

How many times have you seen a cute tabletop decoration that would look perfect on your coffee table, except for the fact that the prim count is so high, that you would have to get rid of all your furniture to rez it!
Less Is More has solved this decor dilemma by offering low prim, detailed sculpted decorations to give your home that finished look.

Decorations include scripted candlesticks and floral vase arrangements, bottles, sushi food trays, lamps and even a sand changing table top zen garden. No item is over 5 prims!