Limited Edition Gown from Couture Chapeau

Limited Edition Gown from Couture Chapeau
ML Anemone Limited Edition Gown
Couture Chapeau just released the Miss London Limited Edition Anemone Gown. Only ten available of this absolutely gorgeous copiable gown created with exclusive handmade textures and sculpties! All prim pieces have a resizing menu for a no fuss fit which is perfect for BBW!
Dress includes a beautiful and totally ‘prim hair forgiving’ tiara which works with any hairstyle.
At the time of this posting, only eight are available so hurry on down to get yours!
Look for it the big vendor display in the window to the right of the landing point.

BTW…if you are looking for a romantic lag free ballroom to dance, take this SLURL to the new medieval sim Zenaidas Path. This should land you right infront of the steps to the ballroom but you may have to TP twice to get there from the landing point on the ground.