O-Magine HomeWorks~~~

Hello SecondLife!

O-Magine HomeWorks is opening its doors to the public, Saturday April 18, 2009!

Prefabs from simple, to larger size homes featuring unique designs and interesting floor plans providing you a great place to call home.

We’ve been building in SecondLife since 2004. Our homes are high quality, equipped with window, door and light systems. Perms on all houses are M/C/No Trans.

The homes are staged by Rayvn Hynes of :[MudHoney]: Designs. Furniture is sold seperately in the packages inside the homes. Complete sets that perfectly match the rooms. Great quality and design. Make sure you visit :[MudHoney]:.

Our scripted systems are done by Sven Okonomi [SO]. Talented and willing to take on your project or custom job. IM him for information! Some of his products will be avilable soon in the O-Magine HomeWorks store as well.

We also feature some original artwork in the homes. Filthy Fluno has offered his wonderful artistic talent for display throughout the houses. See his work online at http://www.jeffreylipskyarts.com or IM him in world for more info!

Owner and operator Omaire Abattoir/Kore Sieyes (one in the same) is available for custom work. Please send a notecard with concerns, requests or questions to either name or my wife Anicia Medici of Sugar Mill. Any of us will help however we can. 🙂

Thank you for reading about us and our project! We hope to see you browsing O-Magine HomeWorks soon!

We also do commercial developments. If you’d like to see a few examples, visit these sims:



Omaire Abattoir / Kore Sieyes
Anicia Medici


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