Secrets of Gaia

Secrets of Gaia

I invite you to visit my main shop to view my entire collection of jewelry.  I design items with beauty and wear ability in mind and strive to maintain the highest customer satisfaction possible. My line includes both realistic jewelry items and fantasy pieces. I also have a collection of Silks, Unscripted weapons, and other accessory items.  I take great care to ensure that my items are of the highest possible quality if you don’t see what you’re looking for or are interested in a custom piece please feel free to IM Rox Arten. I also employ live jewelry models in my main shop to allow customers a closer look at pieces they are buying. Most items are Yes Modify/No Copy/Yes Transfer for easy gift giving and  adjustment to your avatar. I also have gift cards available that are accepted for purchases from any of my product lines (Secrets of Gaia, Blessed Clothing, and RT Designs) not just my jewelry.

Secrets of Gaia is a labor of love for me and my whimsical and naturalistic style  lead to the name often using flower and leaf shapes. I am not as new  as some might think I have been around in SL almost 3 years now and building jewlery for  most of that time. I am also Dean and lead  instructor of SLCIF&D teaching the Master Jeweler Course originally created by my  mentor and sometimes muse EmCee WIdget.  After taking a bit over a year off after my former business partner and I split I returned to SL with  a renewed sense of joy and creativity for building. I have been  frantically building new items and taking great joy in  the improvements that have come along in my  absence.  I am right now  working frantically to have my new main shop  up and ready  by February 1st  so there may still be a bit of dust around when the hunt starts…. I take much of my inspiration from nature and build purely  from the heart rather then from pictures  of items. Sometimes the  items come out as i originally had in mind… other times they  don’t  and still other times a happy accident along the way  leads to a series of items that without the parting from my original idea might not have  come about. I build 90% of my items ‘by hand’ with no  tools to assist in line up and so forth and if you see me around the shop am often wearing one or more of my  current projects around as I  wear each piece for a few days tweaking it  as I see things that need improvement to move better as my avatar moves about.  When the shop is completed  there will be  7 seas fishing,  a relaxing garden to hang out in  and much more. Secrets of Gaia comes from the Goddess Gaia who is “Mother Earth”  the play on the idea that gemstones, metals, and other components of jewelry are truly gifts of the earth ‘the secret treasures’ I strive to build beautiful jewelry  both for special occasions and for every day. My high prim items are marked with prim counts  and hand rotated and fitted  while my lower prim items  are less prim heavy but  I strive to  keep them just as beautiful as if they were made of hundreds of prims.  I also  avoid scripting in much of my jewelry  however  when asked am happy to script  a piece with bling, color change, texture change, and other options.  I am always happy to  make minor modifications  such as gem or metal changes to any piece in the store.

Larger modifications and custom pieces I accept only on an as time allows basis however if I don’t have time I am more then happy to reccomend someone who  does and can do just as beautiful a job on that special piece of your dreams.

~~A friend is someone who knows everything about you and still loves you!~~

~~In a world where you can choose to be anything you want why not choose to be yourself!~~

Rox Arten


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