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Hi There! I just wanted to pass on this info for Sanu, as part of the greatest love gridwide hunt.
Hope it helps. The following is a little about the store.

Sanu features a variety of items, from exquisitely crafted jewelry, collars and monocles through to fun novelty items such as interactive food and bunnies so tiny that they can sit on your tongue!

If you would like to see some more images of Sanu products, check out the flickr stream at http://flickr.com/group/sanu
Want to learn a little more about the creator behind Sanu? Take a peek at http://katjohnston.com

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the hunt!


*Sugar* is first of all the originality. You will find in our shops clothes you never seen anywhere else.
*Sugar* is not a style of clothes, but many: cosplay for japanese video games, manga and anime fans, kimono and other asian clothes, gothic clothes, victorian dresses, sexy clothes, casual, classy, costumes, grunge, fun, swimwear, etc etc

I even sell mini-avies to be the cutest one ^^

note: *Sugar* is where you will find our clothes for women, for our clothes for men it’s in the other little shop called [nocturnal romance] you can find the teleport ball in middle of the wall in front the entrance of *Sugar*

take care ^^

Netsah Kurosawa

* I have to go check the mini-avies šŸ™‚


OB! Designs

OB! Designs is a store specialising in rustic furniture, candles, rugs and other accessories for any environment. The items are truly versatile, fitting into many different styles of home from the Medieval and Gothic right up to the Modern Loft.

!OB! Designs also offers a bespoke service, adapting designs and taking commissions for a more personal look. Many items are also available on

Xstreet SL: http://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&MerchantID=104490

“Light of Love Entwined” A gift created by Orinoco Beresford, Owner and Designer of !OB! Designs. This gift was inspired by the twists and turns of love in all our lives. Creating 2 individual candles that link as one, with the double twists of each and the linked hearts suggests much of what love between 2 individuals is all about. I hope my gift will inspire others to work to retain the love they are given, and always strive to double that love in return.

Couture Chapeau for the largest selection of hats in SL.

Maison de London houses theĀ  famous Couture Chapeau haute couture hat collections which are presented twice a year. It is also home to Mad About Hats whichĀ  offers the largest selection of casual and elegant everyday hats in SL. All hats are made fromĀ  high quality scuplties, exclusive textures and scripted. Demos are available.

Entrance of Couture Chapeau

As you enter the store, don’t forget to register in the subscriber to get your free gift. It does not take up any group slots and you will receive updates, demos and gifts.

The front salon with the Couture Chapeau Collection

In the front part of the store you will find the Champagne Collection which was recently presented in a fabulous fashion show. It is on the left side of the store. On the right alcove you will find sale items of half price Italian hats from the Spring/Summer Collection of 2008.

Beautiful terrace over the Mad About Hats departmentAt the back of the store is the men’s department where you will find a wide range of fedoras, newsboy caps, tophats, stetsons and even turbans! Yes, there is even an ethnic hat section offering oriental cone hats, tichels or head wraps, sombreros and matador hats!

If you look carefully just to the left of the store you will see the delightful dock of some of the best made tinies’ products in SL by RL designer Balthazar Fouroux. You MUST check out his amazing birthday cake for biggies too!

And if you see hat designer Chigadee London, do not hesitate to say hi… she loves meeting customers. You can also check out Chigadee’s blog called a Tip of the hat for the latest hat news in SL. http://www.chigadeelondon.blogspot.com

Aimesi Design

We will present you the Aimesi Design furniture store

Many interactive, scripted and animated modern furnitures.
You will find more than 500 different wonderful articles like
Beds, Sofas, Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining Room, Outdoor Furnitures, Plants and many more.

One of the Spezial Highlights:
The nice Rezzing Island with 11 different sets, for all bargains