[]On The Cover[]

[]On The Cover[] store just opened on 19th of January 😀
Store specialize in poses and pose balls based on various of magazine covers.
It’s brand new store with only few selection of poses and pose balls but i worked my butt off for those and there will be more pose/pose balls added 😀



Evil neko

Evil Neko features bright, cheerfull and bubbly clothing for the ladies in Second Life that like to be just a bit different. Prices are kept low and standard rate for tattoos is 40L. Providing tattoos with paws on every spot you can imagine, with texts custom for an affordable price. A big collection with a little something for everyone. A gorean corner with silks and slaverags, funny t-shirts, streetwear, casual and lingerie. Evil Neko features also Lapcat Designs, selling beautiful kitty climbers in different styles (goth, pink, etc.) and *Magical Cutie* who released her first sweater here (cutest ever).

Bobo’s Masquerade & The Golden Thorn

Bobo’s Masquerade features photorealistic jewelry – tiaras, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches – many of the items belonged to the historical Crowned Heads of Europe. Other items include Women’s Gowns, Men’s Clothing & Costumes, and, as the store name suggests, plenty of Masks.

Attached is a picture of the store, which also houses The Golden Thorn, prim jewelry made by my partner, Thorn Witrial. The other picture shows the freebie I am offering, the *BM* GPB’s Outfit, based on the outfits worn by Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in the opening scenes of the film, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”

Bobo Rosselsprung