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Welcome the pathway to the garden of eden where innocence and decadence collide…

* The little different Street Wear because YOU are unique !
* Quality Sheer Stockings
* Elegant Beachwear
* Sexy Wear for that special moment or just simply to charm yourself…. because you’re worth it !
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cd benelli

* I have known this guy since almost since I started SL and he is a wonderful  individual and a hardworker. I thank-you for bringing into SL your talents and for being patient that day when you were teaching some photoshop…




Lookr has a unique setting, far beneath the ocean waves. We stock high quality, hand-drawn clothing for both men and women. encompassing a broad range of styles, with an expanding collection of accessories to perfect your look. Catering for all your fashion needs, Lookr continues to grow, complimenting its casual collection with formal wear, and even a fantasy line.

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Fayne Khandr
Lookr Co-Owner


Ex-Pose poses are aimed at capturing the softer, sweeter, more tender side of Second Life coupledom. It is a collaborative effort from Chaddi Masala and Milli Santos. We are continuously adding to the range of poses we have in store and we offer a full customization service on those to suit all body shapes. We also offer a full perm animations service for builders who want to add something special to their creations. I hope this is adequate information and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you so so much for the opportunity to be part of your hunt. Kind


Milli Santos – Ex-Pose