KBK Kitchen Couture

KBK Kitchen Couture is my silliness, love for food and cooking combined with a 3-D virtual world! You will find poseball sets for kneading bread, washing your hands (you can place them in your kitchen or bathrooms) and stirring batter for cake. I sell a kitchen that is scripted and cleverly animated so that you can cook in a different kitchen everyday if you like! You choose the color of the kitchen, the color/style of countertops and colors of the appliances! The food really cooks on the stove, animated flames and much more! My food items are so much fun! You wave your mouth when you eat something hot, rub your tummy when you eat Birthday cake, Chips and Salsa, Valentine’s Day Cake, cookies, cupcakes and such! And when you hold them, they whisper something in open chat that is really silly. I love them! I sell appliances that are as much of a hit at parties as the food items are. The blenders make 3 different drinks that make you wobble (not fall down!) and say, “Friends don’t let friends stagger alone”. haha!! The toasters are great fun and the mixers are so nostalgic, giving you a beater to lick when done mixing! All are very upscale and very well made to look like Viking appliances! For you hopeless romantics, I have breakfast in bed trays that have eggs benedict and give out a fork for eating. Use your ao to sit and have breakfast in bed! Located in WTC, New York, NY, KBK Kitchen Couture is the kitchen lover’s dream come true! Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of this hunt. I am looking forward to designing something special to give out to the participants!! I have an idea that I think they are going to love!

Mikayla Meredith


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