Alli&Ali Designs

Alli&Ali Designs offers a big variety of fun, business and cosmetic items.
Amongst our specialities are: Body Hair, Inventory Organizer, Prim Beards, Original Sound creations, Treasure hunt systems and Pictured Tutorials. We also take custom orders.
The store is run by Allison Selene and Alice Klinger.
We both opened it in 2007 as the retail part in Second Life, of our RL company, Beatenetworks.
Websites: (for high tech market news, respectively virtual worlds), and our store blog:
We are very happy and excited about the opportunity to take part in the grid wide Greatest Love hunt! If you need any scripting help, please let us know.
Picture of our store is attached. In the picture it is Allison Selene to the right, and Alice Klinger to the left (with the hat), in front of our store. The view is from the landing point. The building to the right side is our academy.

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