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We offer  Funky and Casual Clothing,  Shoes and Boots, Accessories ( Hats, Caps, Belts ), Furnitures and Home Decor and some men`s and unisex stuff  in our main store and in little shops around the grid.

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Ambers Sky dance Palace

I am Amber Woolley and I have the Ambers Sky dance Palace.  I sell garden items below in my garden.  I sell gazebos,  benches, arches, fireplaces etc. I have dancing in my skybox.  Slow dance to waltz and dance balls, its romantic

Thanks so much for doing this hunt.. very neat.


Amber Woolley

Inner Light Meditation Garden

It is my intent to give freely in Second Life and so the several meditation pods, plants, zen stone scuptures that you see in the image are all free to those who desire them. I’ve also included a specific freebie box with other items. That wicker box is hidden in the bushes and can be found by exploring the garden. The Meditation pods and other items are all free to copy or to buy for L$0. The items I build and give away are copy /no mod / no trans with a note in the description line that says “Free Will Tips Welcome.” If this is a problem let me know and we’ll negotiate an acceptable solution. I hope to figure out a landmark giver and a note card giver and a group invitation giver in time for the grid hunt. I hope you will visit the garden and enjoy the quiet, or the soothing music and meditation. Visit often, each month I will give away another set of themed meditation pods… I’m sorry this is so long, thanks for your time


Imyore Writer

namaste _/\_