Marlys offers vintage inspired women’s hair and clothing.
Our hair comes in 12 color varieties and as little as $77L for two colors.
We pay homage to our vintage ancestors by offering the best designs at reasonable prices. Most outfits cost only $225L, a mere pittance compared to our competitors.
And, amid all the fashion and follicles, there are the occasional tattoo and jewelry to accessorize your style completely.

Marlys… Inappropriate at the Most Appropriate of Times

Marleen Vaughan


Bdreams designs

Bdreams desings

Bdreams a Two years old established brand with a unique hand-made designs for Second Life Woman.
We offer you casual, gown, and very sexy dreses.
Visit our store and sim, we have one present for you.


Iosune Bade

Sirens Song

I love pirates, mermaid and water and most anything SL. I have a home decoration flair in real life with sewing and quilting. My love of color and texture comes into play with the home furnishings I make to sell at Sirens Song. I have a number of stain glass table lamps and ceiling lamps, flowers, planters, plants, dog/cat houses, benches, mermaid and pirate art, garden items, sofas, tables, chairs and so on….I like to play with prims and torture them into some new shape or use in different ways. My shop is a tiny boutique stuffed with little goodies in every corner and nook and cranny. I have rotating free and dollarbie pieces, with things starting at $1 L up. All of my designs are $100 L or less. My SL inventory is packed with wonderful colors,textures, metals and fabrics, so I can re texture or customize anything I make as well as do custom pieces. I enjoy helping people put together a look for their home, room or garden. I do small builds of cottages and houses and am continuing to hone my skills. Nothing satisfies me more than making a new friend, helping someone out or finding out they enjoy something I have made.
Kaffe Mchamom