Welcome to Greatest Love Hunt

Katlene Niven Agency Presents

Katlene Niven Agency brings to you the GREATEST LOVE  GRID TO GRID HUNT February 7th-28th

We chose the name GREATEST LOVE in honor of  the purest emotion that we can show to others because it moves the world.

Participation is by invitation only.

About the Hunt
Each vendor will receive A Greatest Love heart box with the LM to the next participating location. In the heart box you put your gift (packaged in a box). Hunters find the heart box, buy the contents  for 0 L and then move on to the next location.

There will be a maximum of 200 participant and vendors will be added to the GREATEST LOVE group. Vendors will be asked to showcase their generous gift to represent “GREATEST LOVE”.

For more information:


All cards must be returned by January 23, 2009, 4PM SLT.

1) Name of Business

2) Full perm landmark to your business

3) Name of Business Owner or Contact

4) Slurl to your business

We are happy that you can be part of this great project that promotes LOVE to all in this month where we all come together.

Katlene Niven
Pema Bosatsu
Candy Enoch
AnneAlyce Maertens
Chigadee London
Monroncie Pontecorvo


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Greatest Love Hunt

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  2. Are shops allowed to completely hide these boxes from plain sight? It’s hard enough to rez into a place sometimes, but I’ve had to completely give up after places like Lookr are moving the boxes and hiding them where the average hunter can’t possibly find them. That stops us from getting the next landmark and the whole hunt is screwed up from that point. The Kissed hunt went flawless.

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